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The University of Windsor’s Work Study Program is now called Ignite and will be facilitated as an exciting experiential learning opportunity for student participants. The changes made to the program aim to provide participants with expanded opportunities to build skills relevant to their career development. Notable enhancements to include:

  • An updated job posting form and vetting process to feature learning outcomes and skills students can expect to develop in the role;
  • An improved online application process using mySuccess;
  • A mandatory professional development program so students can arrive on the job better prepared.
  • An employer toolkit to help supervisors develop experiential learning outcomes, integrate new hires and supervise them on an ongoing basis.

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Work study is not available during the summer term.

Ignite's student eligibility and application process is changing this year. Check back in August for information about the 2018-2019 program!

Getting Hired

Complete the full Student Hiring Package and submit it to the Human Resources Department. Once HR processes your Student Hiring Package, you and your employer will receive a copy of the your UWindsor Employee ID.

Your employer needs to:

Complete the Confirmation of Hiring form with you & send it to Student Awards

Complete the Authorization to Hire a Student form with you & send it to Human Resources

If you already have an employee number, have worked at the University within the past year and there are no changes to your banking information, you are not required to complete the full Student Hiring Package. You must, however, provide your UWindsor Employee # to your employer.

If you already have an employee number but you have not worked at the University for over one year, you must complete the full Student Hiring Package and submit it to Human Resources and provide your UWindsor employee number to your employer.

Your employer needs to:

Complete the Confirmation of Hiring form with you & send it to Student Awards

Complete the Authorization to Hire a Student form with you & send it to Human Resources


Getting Paid

Ensure that you report your hours to your employer at least once a week, unless you are required to sign in and out each time you report to work (determined between yourself and your employer).

Your employer is required to submit your hours to the Payroll Department on a weekly basis on the Work Study - Casual Wage Form available from the Payroll website.

Students are paid by direct deposit to their bank accounts every two weeks as long as hours are reported in a timely manner. Should you change banks or wish to use a different account than on record, send an updated Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit form to the Payroll Department (4th Floor, Chrysler Hall Tower).

Please be sure to follow-up with your employer to ensure that all deadlines for payroll time sheet submission are met.


I've Been Hired ... Now What?

Once you have an employee number, you’ll have to complete your mandatory Health & Safety and Accessibility training within your first 2 weeks of employment.

Have your Initial Check-In meeting with your employer within your first 2 weeks of employment and establish a personalized development plan. Think critically about the competencies you would like to develop in your role! The form to be completed at your Initial Check-In is available on mySuccess.


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Work Study Contact

If you have any questions relating to the Work Study Program, please contact:

Ignite Program Coordinator

Sydney Murray
Career Development & Experiential Learning
Ext. 2577