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UWindsor’s Work Study Program has been rebranded as Ignite and will be facilitated as an experiential learning opportunity. The changes made to the program aim to provide participants with expanded opportunities to build skills relevant to their career development. A copy of the slide deck from an August 1st information session on these changes can be viewed online.

Notable enhancements include:

  • An updated job posting form and vetting process to feature learning outcomes and skills students can expect to develop in the role;
  • An improved online application process to help employers identify suitable student hires – you can choose to have students submit a schedule of availability and pre-recorded interview along with their resume;
  • A mandatory professional development program so students arrive on the job better prepared;
  • An employer toolkit to help you develop experiential learning outcomes, integrate new hires and supervise them on an ongoing basis.

Information for Employers

All work study positions will pay $14.00 per hour plus 4% vacation pay. Wages are covered by the University of Windsor Work Study budget and there is no cost to individual employers unless a student exceeds his/her allocation or if an employer does not meet the final Ignite payroll submission deadline.

There is a limit on the number of student hires which will be approved based on budget limitations.  It is important that students attempt to get hired early in the process.

Only University of Windsor employees are eligible to submit a job proposal for the UWindsor Work Study Program.

Job Proposals

All job proposals must be submitted through mySuccess and will be reviewed by the Ignite Program Coordinator prior to approval.

In order to be approved, all positions must:

  • provide a minimum of 5 hours of work per week to a maximum of 24;
  • not contravene any collective agreement and must not include duties of a laid off employee;
  • demonstrate that any students hired into the role will have the opportunity to develop at least one learning outcome, one career competency, and one attribute of a UWindsor graduate.

Since students will select the jobs which best meet their needs, there is no guarantee that all positions will be filled.

Career Development & Experiential Learning reserves the right to restrict the number of positions approved for one employer/ department.

  • Visit mySuccess at https://success.uwindsor.ca and log in as UWindsor Faculty/Staff. If it is your first time logging into mySuccess, you’ll need to update your information before any postings can be approved.
  • Choose Work Study and then Work Study Job Postings from the menu on the left – you will then see two buttons; one to Post a New Job and another to Repost a Job. 
  • Complete the job posting details.
  • Submit the posting for approval and wait for email notification of approval.

Job proposals will go live sometime in July 2018. Stay tuned for further information!


Important Hiring Information

To hire an Ignite student, please do the following:

A graphic displaying the steps to the Ignite hiring process.

1) REVIEW YOUR APPLICATIONS ON MYSUCCESS: Students will apply to your job online via mySuccess. They have been instructed to NOT reach out to employers. To view your applications, do the following:

  • Login to mySuccess under "Faculty/Staff"
  • Click "Work Study" and then "Applications" from the blue menu on the left
  • The jobs that you have posted will be displayed on the dashboard
  • Click the job title to bring you to your applications

Once in the system, you can choose to look at your applications one by one, or all together as a package (see below).

A screenshot of the mySuccess system showing Ignite employers where to find their student applications.

Students who did not apply to work study before the September 15th deadline cannot be considered for your position. Only approved work study students who attended a Launch session in September are eligible for Ignite jobs.

2) INTERVIEW ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Once you have decided what student(s) you would like to interview, you can view a pre-recorded interview online through their Interview Stream link (included in their application), or interview them in-person. If you’d like to interview the student in person, contact them directly via their UWindsor email address or the phone number on their resume. Prior to interviewing a student, employers must request a copy of the student's Work Study Approval Email sent to them by the Student Awards & Financial Aid office, which students are directed to print and show prospective employers, in order to confirm that the student is eligible to participate in the program. The approval email will confirm their approval for the Work Study Program, the number of hours allocated, and the final date for working.

3) SUBMIT A CONFIRMATION OF HIRING FORM TO THE AWARDS OFFICE: Once you have made your hiring decision, submit a Confirmation of Hiring form to the Awards Office through email (award1@uwindsor.ca) or fax (519-973-7087). You must submit a Confirmation of Hiring form for each student that you hire. Please do NOT mail the form as it is a time-sensitive document. Both you and the student need to sign the form in order for it to be approved by the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office. Once approved, the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office will notify the Ignite Program Coordinator that the form has been submitted. The Program Coordinator will then follow up with you via email to confirm the employment of your student and the number of hours they have been allocated. This can take up to 3 business days.

4) SUBMIT A STUDENT HIRING AUTHORIZATION FORM TO HUMAN RESOURCES: Once you have submitted a Confirmation of Hiring form to the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office, your next step will be to submit a Student Hiring Authorization form to the Department of Human Resources (HR). Students may only work 1 Ignite position and are not permitted to transfer to another Ignite employer once they have been hired.

Ignite students who have not worked at the University of Windsor before or in the past year need to submit a completed Student Hiring Package to the Department of Human Resources (HR) in order to be issued an employee number.

All required documents must be submitted to Human Resources in order to be paid. You can refer students to the Employment Services – Student Employees website for details. Once HR processes the Student Hiring Package, the student and employer will receive a copy of the student’s UWindsor employee number.

If the student already has a UWindsor employee number and has worked at the University within the past year, they are not required to submit the Hiring Package again. Be sure to include their employee number on the Confirmation of Hiring form and the Student Hiring Authorization form. If they have forgotten their employee number, they can log on to https://my.uwindsor.ca and go to 'Profile' to retrieve it.

HAVE YOUR STUDENT COMPLETE HEALTH & SAFETY TRAINING: All University of Windsor employees must complete mandatory health & safety training within two weeks of being hired. There are 5 modules in total, and students are to be paid for this training. Students can only do this training after they have been issued an employee number. Once they have their employee number, students can login to www.uwindsor.ca/requiredtraining to complete their training. Students who have already completed this training are encouraged to login to the website and ensure their training is up-to-date.

MEET WITH YOUR STUDENT AND HAVE YOUR INITIAL CHECK-IN: A critical part of experiential learning is reflection. As an experiential learning program, Ignite aims to incorporate this key element of learning through the establishment of an Initial, Mid Point, and Final Check-In. At your first check-in, you are encouraged to assist your student with establishing a personalized development plan that will help them build and articulate their skills and competencies. The initial check-In should be completed within the first two weeks of your student’s employment. If you have hired a large amount of students, feel free to do the Check-Ins with them as a group. After your meeting, students will submit the initial check-in form to mySuccess.

Stay tuned for 2018-2019 program information!



Employers are responsible for reporting a student's hours weekly using the the appropriate timesheet available from the Finance/Payroll website

There are deadlines for submitting hours to Payroll:

  • For employees who have been approved or are working in a Fall term only position, report hours no later than the last working day prior to the Christmas break
  • For employees who are working in both Fall and Winter terms, report hours no later than date to be determined

Hours reported after this date will not be included as part of the Ignite program. Payment will then be charged to departmental budget provided on the Job Proposal form and will become the responsibility of the employer as legally, students must be compensated for all hours worked.

Payroll forms are not to be completed by the student employee. All forms must be completed and authorized by the employer. Do not project hours and do not pay students in advance of work being done.

Employers must monitor the number of hours a student works. Hours worked in excess of a student’s allocation will be charged to the departmental budget provided on the Job Proposal form. If a student does not receive their pay as expected, please check with Payroll before resubmitting another time sheet to ensure that a student is not paid twice for the same period.  If time sheets are submitted by the deadline for that pay period, the pay will be deferred until the next pay period.


Stay tuned for further information!
If you want to keep the student after the end of the program, you will have to pay them out of your casual wage budget for any hours worked after the final payroll submission deadline (to be determined).
No. Work Study is not currently offered in the summer term.

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