Co-operative Education Services

Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships provides students with a well-rounded education that is founded both in academic theory and real world application.  By combining semesters of study with semesters of full-time, paid employment in career-related positions, students are able to:

  • Apply classroom theories to the workplace;
  • Gain hands-on experience related to their academic program;
  • Network with employers and professionals in their field;
  • Explore different career options and clarify career goals;
  • Learn how to compete confidently in the job market;
  • Earn a salary to help offset the cost of tuition (all work placements are paid, full-time positions).

Please note that co-op positions are located across the country.  Students should not enter the Co-op Program expecting to work solely in the local region.

 "My experience in the co-op program has been beyond anything I could have learned in a classroom. I have had two crucial learning opportunities which will help prepare me for my future career once I graduate. Dealing with people can be extremely difficult at times and being in co-op you have a chance to experience this. Not only do you have the chance to experience critical moments in co-op, you also have the chance to expand your network to a variety of possibilities. For example, during my last co-op placement, I scheduled several meetings with employees in different areas of the organization to have a conversation about what they do; this helped me open my mind to other divisions of a business as a possible career. Even though I completed 2 HR co-op positions, this might not be my ideal future career and co-op has helped me determine this. Co-op is a unique opportunity that each student should definitely consider or at least look into… and hey, you get paid! It’s a win-win for students and employers."

Katie Rojek
Business Administration Co-op